Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where Did June Go?

Well here it's is almost the 4th of July and it seems this oh so neglected blog was severely neglected for the month of June. Remember me telling you we would be having ball four nights a week for part of May and the month of June. Well, yep we did and it pretty much consumed our first few weeks of summer vacation. I think it's the fastest June I can ever remember. How it's July already is beyond me, but it is what it is. SUMMER, PLEASE SLOW DOWN! I'm going to "speed" through June so we can get to the more current stuff.  I never even blogged about the end of the school year for Evan so that's up first.

Evan was done with school on June 8th. That last week of school went fast of course. On Monday of that week there was an end of the year class party and all the kids in his class and his teacher put on a celebration for the parents. They show a video of different things they did throughout the school year. It was so crazy to see how much the kids had grown throughout the year. Then each student did a poem reading for their parents. Evan did a great job reading his poem that he wrote about baseball. At the end the class did a little skit about saying good bye to first grade and hello to second grade. They were all so cute! Once all that was over we got to go around the room with Evan and gather any of his work that was up, clean out cubbies, and there were refreshments of cookies and lemonade to end the day. It was a very nice celebration his teacher put together. Here's some photos of the first grade celebration.

Evan reading his poem
The class doing their skit!

 Enjoying some refreshments with sister!
 Evan and his teacher Mrs. Park

The last day of school was a little sad for a few reasons. One being that my little guy is growing up too fast and is going into 2nd grade already. Where does the time go? Two, in that we absolutely loved Wilkshire and the learning experience that Evan's had there in kindergarten and first grade. Now Evan leaves that school for a new school in second grade (It's only a K-1 building). Three, Emmaline will be starting at Wilkshire in the fall, and it would have been nice to have them both at the same school. Four, Evan had a wonderful teacher and a fantastic year in first grade with Mrs. Park. She does an excellent job with the kids and you can tell she really loves her job. We will miss the sports room tremendously! Bye bye first grade! I'm so proud of Evan and the terrific year he had in first grade. He once again had another perfect report to end the year. That makes 8 out of 8 perfect report cards between kindergarten and first grade. Here's a couple pics from the last day of school!
Evan and his "girlfriend" Jaidyn. It was "torture" getting them to take a picture together. LOL
 I now have a 2nd grader!