Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

After all the hype leading up to the big day, it's now in the history books. I'm sure you can guess what I'm talking about. The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Yes, I'm one of those people who was fascinated with the wedding and all it entailed, the dress, the procession to the church, the ceremony, the guests, the hats, the carriage ride to Buckingham Palace, the kiss, etc. I remember the engagement announced back in November. While I didn't follow every detail of their lives from then until the big day, I did know that I'd be watching the Royal nuptials once they announced the wedding date. I'm an avid watcher of the Today Show, and as they counted the days down to the Royal Wedding I got more and more excited. I remember 30 years ago watching the Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Yes, I was only six, but I do remember having to wake up early to watch the most talked about nuptials. This Royal Wedding brought back so many memories. Now 30 years later, it's was time for it to happen all over again, and I wasn't about to miss it.

As the wedding got closer and Emmaline would see coverage on t.v. about it, I kept asking her if she wanted to watch the wedding with me. Greg had no interest at all. He doesn't get all the fuss. I think it's a girl thing or maybe a girly girl thing. I'm definitely a girly girl, no tomboy here and I love weddings. Especially a wedding with a prince and princess! I told Em that when Kate married Prince William she would then be Princess Kate (well Catherine). She said to me, "Like you mommy when you married daddy?" Awww, my little girl melted my heart. She thinks her mommy is a princess. Well, not quite, but it was too cute hearing her say that. Emmaline kept telling me she wanted to watch it over and over. I told her she'd have to get up super early if she wanted to watch it with me. She still told me she did. All week as we saw t.v. coverage leading up to the big day, and she saw Kate on t.v. she'd say, "Look mommy, Princess Kate. Then she'd clap and say, "Yay, the Royal Wedding!" I loved seeing my little girls excitement.

Em and I decided to camp out in the living room Thursday night on the blow up mattress so we wouldn't wake Greg and Evan up. She was so excited and ready for the Royal Wedding and Princess Kate. Here she is Thursday night preparing for the wedding.

She's got her princess crown on pretending to be a princess like Kate!

I pulled out my wedding veil so Em could see it and try it on. She LOVED it and thought it was so beautiful. She said, "Mommy, I'm a princess!" (She has a butterfly on her cheek from Family Fun Night)

Since we were camping out, Evan asked if he could sleep with daddy in our room. So they had their own camp out. Unfortunately the night didn't go quite as planned. I wanted to get to bed early since I had to get up so early. That didn't happen, one because I wasn't tired and couldn't fall asleep, and two right when I was finally about to fall asleep my poor little guy got sick in our bed. Not fun times. Finally after changing sheets, etc. I got in bed about midnight and set my alarm for 3:45am. Of course the wedding wasn't until 6am, but I was watching all the coverage live starting at 4am.

The alarm went off and surprisingly I wasn't as tired as I thought. I didn't wake Emme up until about 5:30am when it was time for Prince William to get in the car and ride to the church. At first she didn't want to get up and said she just wanted to sleep. I told her the prince was on t.v. and heading to the church. She sat up, looked at the t.v., clapped her hands, and said, "Yay!" That's my little girl! Here she is all set to watch the Royal Wedding!

We had a fun time watching it. It was all that I was hoping for, and I thought Kate looked absolutely beautiful! Her dress was beautiful, the walk down the aisle was magical, seeing Prince William say to her she looked beautiful was so sweet, the two of them walking out of the church and hearing the crowd for the first time was great, and I loved seeing them ride in the carriage! I was a little disappointed in the kiss, but I was so giddy with excitement when they did a second kiss. Then there was the surprise appearance when they came driving out in the Aston Martin. So cool they made that surprise appearance for the public! I thought Kate's sister Pippa looked absolutely beautiful too. Her dress was gorgeous! Those are some very beautiful children the Middleton's have. I loved Kate's second dress just as much as the first, and I really like Pippa's evening dress too. The emerald green was so pretty! The only thing I wished would have been different is that Kate's dress had a little bit longer train. I know though she didn't want it to over the top like Princess Diana's, but still I thought it could be a tad bit longer. It was still gorgeous nonetheless. It's too bad Princess Di isn't still around to see her son get married. I think she'd be very proud of him and just adore Kate.

I watched the wedding coverage all morning and then again at night on all the shows that had specials. I know some of you probably could care less about the Royal Wedding, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all! I don't agree with all the Monarchy and their "rules" and the taxpayers money that is spent on them, etc. However, in a time where everything in the news lately is so depressing, the weather has been a drag, and our state sucks, it was nice to just be able to watch something so beautiful and enjoy some happiness in the news for a day. It was like seeing that fairytale that all little girls dream of, the girl finding her prince and having that fairytale wedding. I truly hope that they live in wedded bliss for many many years to come and the outcome is different than that of Princess Di and Prince Charles. As a mother, I can't imagine what Kate's mother must think of her daughter becoming a real princess. So crazy! However, I know that it brought me great delight to see my own daughter enjoy and share in the viewing of the Royal Wedding with me. My daughter will never be a "true" princess, but she will always be my Princess Emmaline.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fast Week

Wow this week flew by it seems. I thought it was going to be a long week since it seemed to start off slow, but now here it is Thursday and the weekend is creeping up. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the weekend and definitely ready for it. I didn't get quite as much done as I wanted to this week, but I guess there's always next week, right? I really should be in bed now as I'm getting up at 4am to watch all the Royal Wedding coverage. Yes, that's right! I will be watching. My little Emmaline has even gotten excited about it with me so she wants me to wake her up. We'll have to wait and see if she actually gets up, but I think she will.

Tonight Evan's school had family fun night. I had volunteered a few months back to make cupcakes for the cake walk. This morning when Evan got up he said his tummy hurt. I wasn't sure if he was just saying that and didn't want to go to school for some reason or if he was really sick. We told him it was fine if he wanted to stay home, but there would be no family fun night. He went back and forth and decided he wanted to stay home. Then at the very last minute decided he wanted to go to school. We rushed out of here and I got him to school just in time. After I dropped him off I was worried all morning if he would be o.k. or if he was really sick. I dropped off the cupcakes at school when I picked him up and we headed home. He said he was fine at school and didn't get sick. He still wasn't acting himself though. I made us some lunch and after just a couple bites Evan got sick. (No, not from my cooking) He then pretty much slept all afternoon. I figured we'd just skip family fun night at school, but when Evan woke up from napping of course he wanted to go. So we got to school when it started and I was a little disappointed in family fun night. There really weren't that many activities. Evan wasn't too into it and I could tell he wasn't feeling well again. Em got her face painted and we went down to the cake walk. Evan won a plate of cupcakes the first time. We left and went to another room where the kids could get a free book. Then Em wanted to do the cupcake walk again since she didn't win any cupcakes. Evan wasn't interested and he and Greg sat in the hall and waited for us. Em did great without her brother in the cake walk and guess what? Yes, she won a plate of cupcakes too. She was so excited. We then decided to head home because Evan really wasn't feeling good.

We got home and he had a little bit of a fever. I gave him some Tylenol, and he had a little bit of chicken noodle soup for dinner. About an hour or so later he turned in a completely different direction and started feeling better. He was definitely acting more like my usual little guy. I'm hoping whatever he had is gone and he's fine tomorrow. I must get to bed now. The 4am wedding coverage is going to be calling my name sooner than later. Tomorrow the space shuttle Endeavour also lifts off so it's going to be a great day. Emme is super excited about the wedding, and Evan is super excited about the space shuttle launch.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. We headed to my mom's in Grand Rapids for the weekend as I mentioned in my last post. We had a nice weekend, but it was busy. My sister and niece also came to my mom's for the weekend. The kids loved having cousin Kaite to hang with. By the time we got settled in and had dinner it was already getting late. The kids watched Tangled with Kaite while the rest of us chilled.

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment with my friend Rochelle. I really needed my hair highlighted so since I was in GR for the weekend I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Rochelle does hair out of her home so she's very reasonably priced. Highlights around here would have cost me around $100. She does it for $35. I took Em with me so she could get a haircut too. I'm still trying to grow her bangs out, but she just needed a little "cleanup" so I didn't get very much cut off. I got mine highlighted and cut a little. It felt so good to have my blonde highlights again! Here's my Emme ready to get her haircut.

After us girls got back from getting our hair done, we all headed to On The Border for lunch. It's our favorite place to go in Grandville when we're in town. My mom needed us to run some errands since she's unable to drive right now since her surgery. So we made an afternoon of running from place to place checking off everything that needed to get done. While we did that the kids went with Kaite to see Rio again. It was Kaite's idea and of course the kids didn't mind seeing the movie again so they were all excited! My mom treated the kids to the movie so that was really nice that they got to go spend some cousin time.

My mom tagged along running errands with us and got around pretty good with her scooter. We hit Best Buy and helped her pick out a new computer because her old computer she'd been having problems with. Then we hit Bed Bath & Beyond, and also made a trip to Meijer to get her groceries and stuff for Easter dinner. After the movie got out, Greg took the kids back to grandma's and they all took a nap while we were at Meijer. By the time we got home it was already 6:30pm. I couldn't believe we were gone all day. We ordered pizza for dinner and after we ate the kids and Kaite colored Easter eggs. Then we knocked out a few projects around the house. Greg installed a new shower head in the downstairs bathroom. The one that was in there we've hated for 25 years so it was long overdue. I can't believe it never got changed before now. Sunday morning it was so much nicer taking a shower. We also got my mom's new computer going for her (She's a little technologically challenged. LOL.), and got some cable boxes hooked up for her. After the kids went to bed, my sister and I hid eggs for the kids. We debated whether to do it outside in the morning, but there was a chance of rain so we just hid them inside.

Sunday morning the kids were super excited to find Easter eggs! They did a great job finding them all and both of them were so into it. I couldn't keep up with Em as she was collecting because she was so fast. Then they couldn't wait to open them up and see what was inside. They managed to whip through them pretty fast and then had a ton of Easter presents to go through. I don't remember getting all the stuff like they did for Easter when I was a kid. They had quite the haul between their Easter baskets from us, then gifts from grandma, Aunt Jen & Kaite, and they also got stuff from grandpa and grandma that my sister had brought with her since we didn't see them for Easter. The kids loved everything from everyone so a big thanks to grandma, aunt Jen, Kaite, and grandpa & grandma for thinking of them at Easter time!

Since we didn't have our normal chicken tetrazzini for Christmas we decided to make for Easter lunch. Or should I say, I made for Easter lunch. Somehow it was my sister's idea, but I got nominated to make it. We had a yummy lunch nonetheless and then it was time to hit the road. It was a nice weekend, but I was tired by the time we headed home. I really expected the kids to sleep on the way home, but they didn't. Thanks to my mom for treating the kids to the movie, for pizza Saturday night, and especially for filling our gas tank to get us home! I seriously cannot believe the price of gas these days and it's only going to get worse. Today it hit an all time high of $4.17. Ugh!

When we got home we had to go pick up Molly from Greg's mom's. She watched her for the weekend which we really appreciated. The kids got their Easter presents from Ya Ya and got a ton more stuff. Then we went to Champps with Greg's mom for dinner. It was a nice way to end the weekend, and I didn't have to worry about cooking. So thanks to YaYa for the kids Easter presents and for dinner. The weather turned out to be fairly decent yesterday for Easter which was nice. Here's a few pics to enjoy from our weekend. I posted more on Facebook so you can check them out there too.

The kiddos ready to head upstairs and see what the Easter bunny left!
Emme finding Easter eggs!
Evan was excited there were even more eggs out on grandma's porch!
The kids had the cutest faces while opening eggs. Here Em found bunny marshmallows!
I love Evan's funny face when he found money in his egg!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Mommy Scare

Well, it's been quite the week so far. The weather is still crappy and boy what a storm we got last night. Yesterday I had to take Evan to the doctor. Last week Tuesday he fell while running at the park. He was down on the ground for a few minutes and said his foot really hurt. Finally when he got up and we asked him to walk on it he could, but said it really hurt. So we headed home and iced it and had him stay off it. Later on he said it wasn't too bad and was getting better. The next day he was still limping, and I was thinking we should call the doctor, but Greg said give it a couple days. Of course when Ev heard "doctor" he said his foot was getting lots better. You know how kids are about doctors. So by the weekend he was still limping a little, but not as bad as the first couple days. Then Sunday it seemed to get a little worse so I thought I'd better get calling the doctor on Monday.

We couldn't get in on Monday, but they could get us in first thing Tuesday morning. I really didn't want him to miss school, but it needed to be checked out so we headed to the doctor yesterday. Evan was bummed he couldn't go to school especially since he was student of the day and his turn to take snack. The doc told us she thought it was either his tendon or his 4th bone in his right foot. He was able to walk on his tip toes and his heel so she didn't think it was broken, but possibly fractured. So she sent us for an x-ray. I was feeling guilty for not calling the doctor last week, and if he did indeed have a fractured foot I would feel terrible as a mom. Evan was a little nervous about the x-ray, but I reassured him it wouldn't hurt at all. They would just take a picture of his foot and he wouldn't feel a thing. He did a super job laying still for the x-ray technician, and when it was all over he said, "You were right mom, it didn't hurt at all."

We then had to head back to the doctor with the CD of the x-rays so she could give us the results. After looking them over, she came in and said it didn't look like Evan had a fractured foot. He just pulled his tendon a little and it's gonna be a little tender for awhile. It will take a little time to heal. No big worries, just take it easy on the foot a little. She would send the x-rays onto the radiologist, but she was pretty sure they would say the same thing. What a big relief for this momma. I still don't like that it's bothering him, but I guess it will run it's course and in time he'll be back to normal. I'm sure hoping it's soon because next month he'll be starting t-ball. We did get done in time for Evan to get to school before he'd be marked absent for the day so he was able to take his snack and be student of the day! :)

If you remember a couple years ago over Mother's Day weekend my mom fell and broke her ankle and wrist. Well, ever since then her foot has been bothering her. So after seeing a few doctors she decided to have surgery on her foot again. She had the surgery three weeks ago and now is laid up for a couple months until she gets a walking boot. We're going to my mom's for Easter weekend and she's using a scooter to get around. I'm really glad that my little guy didn't fracture his foot or there would be the two of them with limited mobility this weekend. Although Ev had fun playing with grandmas scooter a couple weeks ago so he probably would have liked to be able to use it. LOL. I'm just glad it's nothing too serious. I hate seeing my kids hurt. It's the part of being a mom that's the hardest.

In other news, I had a surprise kid free afternoon today. The kids went to Greg's mom's for the afternoon so I was able to get some things done around here. It's time for my spring cleaning again even though it still feels like winter out. Last week I cleaned the living room from top to bottom- washed windows, cleaned blinds, wiped baseboards down, dusted, vacuumed, moved furniture, and sorted through toys. This afternoon I tackled part of the upstairs. I had three laundry baskets of clothes to put away, but before I did that I decided to go through the kids closets and pack up old clothes, put away clothes from the laundry baskets, as well as some new clothes I had in bags. I got quite a bit done, but I've got a couple of piles of clothes that I need the kids to try on. It's stuff that I'm not sure if it still fits or not. So I've got a little more work to do on both closets and then I've got to do the deep cleaning in their rooms with the blinds, baseboards, etc. Fun times, right? I guess it's better I get it done now while the weather is crappy so when it gets nice I can be outside instead of inside cleaning. That's about it from around here for now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cold Weekend

The date on the calendar says April 17th, but if you walk outside you'd think it was February or early March. A month ago it was my birthday and it was in the 70's, today it was in the 30's when I woke up, it was crazy super windy, and there were a few snow flurries. Yes, you read that right... SNOW FLURRIES. All I have to say to that is WTH? I wonder sometimes why I live in Michigan because I really do hate the cold. I sure hope Mother Nature gets the memo soon that it's spring and this weather makes a turn in the right direction. The whole week was crappy weather wise. We went to the park one night and it ended up being colder than I thought it was going to be while we were there. That sun is so deceiving. The next morning Em woke up and had a runny nose and was sneezing all morning. So needless to say we didn't play outside the rest of the week. Crappy weather = being cooped up inside again. Ugh! A week ago the kids were in shorts and today they were in boots and winter coats (more on that in a minute).

Yesterday was supposed to be our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. This is the first year the association has planned it and it was to take place at our new neighborhood park. In past years some of us have organized it and just did at someone's house. I almost wished we would have done that again this year because it was so disorganized. The weather was crappy all morning. It had rained all night then rained off and on all morning. I called one of the ladies organizing it at about noon to see if they were still planning on it (at this time it had stopped raining), and to find out about maybe postponing it until Sunday. Well, no thought about having a rain date plan so they were still going ahead with it unless there was a torrential downpour. A little while later it started raining again and Greg and I decided we were skipping it. It was too cold, wet, and the park would be a muddy mess. We didn't want the kids out in the nasty weather and we had been holding off on going to the movie all day because of the Easter egg hunt. So we decided we were going to the movie instead. At about 2:30pm, a half hour before the egg hunt was supposed to be I got a call it was canceled due to weather and would be today instead. REALLY? I can't believe it took them so long to decide. Hello, the weather was crappy all day. The kids were glad it was canceled because they really wanted to go to the egg hunt, but also wanted to go to the movie. Greg's mom had told the kids she'd take them to see Rio this weekend and it looked cute so we wanted to see too. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon at the movies. It was a fun, cute movie and we all enjoyed it! I recommend you take your family.

So today we woke up and it was super windy. It was cold, a few snow flurries as I mentions, and the 45mph winds on top of it. A great day for an Easter egg hunt, right? NOT! It's all the kids could talk about all day and couldn't wait to go. It was at 3pm and we headed to the park about 15 minutes before. On the way there we were all freezing. The wind was crazy! The organizers of the egg hunt were still disorganized and by 10 minutes to 3pm they still didn't have all the eggs out. Stuff was blowing all over the park and they ended just dumping the eggs in piles basically. It was basically a quick grab the eggs, put them in your basket, then when they were all collected the kids had to quick open them and find any with golden tickets. One had a golden ticket to win a filled Easter basket, and five had golden tickets to win bags of jelly beans. We had dumped Ev and Em's eggs together and after going through them all, they had three golden tickets and won three bags of jelly beans. We collected their winnings, but before we left I asked Ev and Em if it would be o.k. to give one of the bags of jelly beans to Em's friend Maddie because I didn't think we really needed three bags of jelly beans, plus the candy in their eggs. They both agreed that would be a nice thing to do so we did. I try to really enforce sharing with their friends and doing kind gestures for their friends so this was a great moment for that. We were pretty much done with the egg hunt in about 20 minutes and back home to warm up. Who would have thought we'd be wearing winter coats and boots to an Easter egg hunt. Too bad the egg hunt wasn't last Sunday. Hopefully next year the weather will be better and the egg hunt will be a little more organized. It all went so fast, that I only had the chance to snap a couple pictures. So here's a couple of the half way decent one's I got.

And they're off to collect eggs!
They found some up on the the steps of the play structure.
Quickly opening the eggs to look for golden tickets.
Evan was cold and didn't want to smile for the picture so this is the best I got of them with their bags of jelly beans they won!

Yes, I know it's cold and Evan has ripped jeans. I didn't know if it would still be a little wet at the park and he's got very few good jeans left to make it the rest of the school year so I wanted him to wear an old pair. He wanted to wear these pants even though they had holes. Before I leave I want to wish my friend Marie a very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Intentions

Well here I am again needing to catch up on my blogging. I had good intentions of blogging last night and then Greg had to work later than expected. He was to be home around 6:30-7pm and then ended up not getting home until almost 10pm. It's a crazy busy time of year for him which stinks for us here at the Shearwater nest, but I'm thankful he has a job so I can't complain too much. So since he was working late, Evan wanted me to play UNO with him and read some books, etc. So I spend a lot of the evening with him. Em was at Greg's mom's because I was helping out at school today.

So now I'll catch you up to date on the happenings around here. Spring break went by kind of fast and kind of slow. It seemed like Ev was off forever. However, then when Sunday rolled around and it was time to get ready for school, I was wishing he had longer off. We made another trip to the library last week. We returned all the books we had for "March is Reading Month" and got a new stack of books. I'm really proud of all of us for completing our reading goal in March. We either read to the kids everyday or Evan read to us or his sister. We went through A LOT of books!

Saturday we went to Birch Run and Frankenmuth with Greg's mom. It's been probably a year and a half since we were there last. We just hit a few stores at the outlet mall and the kids each got a new pair of Crocs for the summer. Greg hates the shoes, but I love them for the kids. They're perfect for playing outside and wash up easy. We ate at the Bavarian Inn for lunch and had the yummy chicken dinner. It always tastes so good when you're eating it, but then when you leave your so full! We were all stuffed!

The weather was fairly decent on Saturday and when we got back we went for a walk. Emme finally got to drive her Barbie "mustache" that she got for Christmas from Greg's mom. It's really a Barbie Mustang, but ever since she saw it she could never get Mustang out so she said mustache. Finally yesterday I said something about her Barbie "mustache" and she told me, "It's Barbie Mustang!" All righty then! Lol. It took her a little bit to get used to the steering and pressing the pedal, but she did pretty good. She was so darn cute driving that "mustache" down the street. Thank goodness our neighborhood isn't fully developed so the streets back in our phase aren't too busy. Here she is cruising the neighborhood.

Sunday was absolutely GORGEOUS! It was almost 80 I think. The shorts and flip flops were out, and the windows were open! We were outside a good chunk of the day. It was an awesome day to end spring break. I got a little yard work done, the kids played outside, we went to the park, and Evan and Greg went for a bike ride. Greg asked Evan if he would want to ride his bike all the way to the Tasty Twist. It's about a four mile ride there. Evan was so excited and definitely said yes. So he and Greg left on their bikes and Emme and I planned to meet them there. It was too far for Em to ride her bike which she didn't understand so she was a little mad she couldn't ride her bike too. It ended up taking them a little longer than Greg thought, but they made it there without making any stops. Evan was so proud of himself and thought it was pretty special he got to ride his bike to the Tasty Twist. I was very proud of him too. We had some ice cream which hit the spot on a beautiful hot day. Thanks to my friend Brenda for the Tasty Twist gift certificate for my birthday which we used. I took Greg's car in case Ev didn't want to ride back and we could load the bikes on top. Evan didn't think twice and when done with his ice cream, he was ready to ride back home. He made it home and he didn't complain about the long ride at all. He clocked a little over eight miles! What a great accomplishment for him. I'm guessing he'll want to do it again sometime. Here's my little guy at the Tasty Twist!

Here it is Tuesday and all day I was thinking it was Wednesday. Yesterday it was back to school since break which was a little rough getting up early after sleeping in all spring break. Today as I mentioned I helped out in Ev's classroom. It was a fun morning. I can't believe there's only two months of school left! That's it around here. I have a million things I need to get done between scheduling appointments, finding a preschool for Em, and getting some spring cleaning done this week. I'm hoping I have some success by the end of the week!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Peanut Butter Girl

About a week ago I caught my little Miss Emmaline in the kitchen being very quiet. I walked into the kitchen and found her like this.

She had gotten into the cupboard and gotten the jar of peanut butter out. She also got into the drawer and got a spoon out and sat down at the kitchen table. She then went about eating some peanut butter out of the jar. I couldn't but help not to laugh. I don't know what made her do this, but I really don't blame her because peanut butter is so yummy! She was so sneaky about it too. She never even said she wanted a snack or anything.

Then on Thursday at lunch time she said she wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was putting clothes in the dryer so I told her just a minute. By the time I got back to the kitchen she already had the bread and peanut butter out. She was once again eating the peanut butter from the jar. However she also had started to peanut butter her bread. I guess that's a bonus right? At least she's starting to use the peanut butter properly. The color on this picture isn't the greatest, but here she is so proud of herself.

She said, "Mommy, I started making my own sandwich. Did I do good?" All while she's licking peanut butter from her fingers. All I could do was smile and chuckle. Oh, and yes it's lunchtime and she's in her pj's. It was a pajama/sweats day around the house.

Today we had a big lunch so by the time we had dinner it was late and nobody wanted much. Emmaline chose pb&j again. All I can say is, the girl is fast. She told me what she wanted, ran into the kitchen, grabbed the peanut butter, a knife, and the bread and immediately tore into the peanut butter. Once again she was eating from the jar. I caught her as she was about to take her first bite, and what does she do? She looks at me as she scoops her peanut butter, takes a big bite, and starts laughing. Now she thinks it's a game. Here she is caught in the act again.

I gotta say, the girl has good taste. I mean really, who doesn't love a big scoop of peanut butter!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Baseball Game

Tonight we took the kids to their first baseball game. It wasn't our first baseball game, but it was our first MSU baseball game. For the past I think five years, MSU has played the Lansing Lugnuts in a preseason match up at the Lugnuts home stadium- Cooley Law School Stadium. I can't remember where we heard about it a couple weeks ago, but Evan heard the game announced and really wanted to go. I figured since we weren't going away for spring break it would be something fun to do. It's all the kids could talk about the last couple days.

We had to wait until the last minute to decide if we were for sure going because the weather has been a bit unpredictable. Thankfully though the rain/snow (yes I said snow and it's April, but truth be told it's still been snowing) held off and we were able to head out to the game. It was a little chilly, but the sun was out and in the 40's. We bundled up in winter coats, hats, and mittens, and took some blankets. It wasn't too bad at first while the sun was out, but as the sun set it cooled off. We even spotted Coach Dantonio and Coach Merchant (MSU Women's B-ball Coach) at the game. The kids got a kick out of watching Sparty and Big Lug (Lugnuts mascot) doing a dance off at the game. MSU was up 2-0 in the fifth inning so we decided to leave. The kids were ready and it was getting colder. By the time we got home and I had checked the score online, the game was over and MSU won 2-1. Go Spartans! We didn't miss much so I'm glad we didn't stay out in the cold freezing. It was a fun family night and the kids had a great time. They were so excited that they even got pop with their hot dogs. It was dollar night so they had hot dogs, pop, popcorn, and ice cream sandwiches for $1 each. The hot dogs weren't the greatest, but I guess for $1 I can't complain too much. Here's a few pics from our family night.

Ready to head into the stadium to watch some Spartan baseball. Yes, Em had to pose before I could take the picture. What a kid!

National Anthem time

Evan was excited to get his pic with Sparty!

Finally as we were leaving I talked Em into getting a pic with Sparty. First she gave him a high-five and then she let me take the pic as long as brother was by her side. So this is her first pic with Sparty!