Sunday, February 28, 2010

Party In GR

Wow, this weekend went fast. Here it is Sunday night already and a new week is about to begin. The Winter Olympics are coming to an end, and while I've thoroughly enjoyed them and love love love how well the USA did in many competitions, I'm glad they're over so I don't have to stay up so late! Now hopefully I can go back to a normal bedtime. Unfortunately the hockey game didn't turn out how I wanted today, but a great effort by the Men's USA team nonetheless. While a gold medal is great, silver isn't so bad either. Just making to the Olympics is a huge accomplishment in itself! Great job USA- 37 medals overall- 9 gold, 15 silver, and 13 bronze!

I think my weekend went fast because yesterday I was gone for most of the day and spent it in Grand Rapids. Two girls I went to high school with wanted to have an Uppercase Living party so I offered to go there for it. Ann, you'll probably remember them, Melissa Hobbs & Melissa Jo Stachowiak were the hostesses. It ended up being a great party! My biggest UL party so far. There was a great turnout. We had about 15 people at the party and lots of orders! Woo Hoo! There were even three other gals from high school that came to the party. It was like a mini reunion. Uppercase Living is offering Buy two get one free right now which is a GREAT GREAT promotion. I highly urge you to check out my website. if you're thinking of ordering anything anytime soon. This offer is too great to pass up because UL doesn't offer this promotion very often! Great time to be a hostess with this promotion. It was a big hit at the party Saturday! Thanks to both Melissa's for hostessing and I'm excited to see all the free and half off items they get once we close their party in a few days! It was great to see old high school classmates, and I'll be heading back to GR for another party in April that someone booked from the party Saturday! Woo Hoo!

While I was in GR yesterday, Greg took the kids to Jumpin' Jax. It's a place here in town where kids can go play in big bounce houses and inflatable slides. Evan got a gift certificate for there for his birthday back in December from our friends the Toburen's so he was finally able to get a chance to use it yesterday. It was the first time the kids had gone there. They had a blast. It was a little crazy Greg told me, but I expected it would be on a Saturday afternoon. Better him than me. Haha! Just kidding honey. I'd actually love to see them play there sometime.

Now I've got some things to finish up before bed and it looks like a busy week ahead. I've already got four of the five weekdays with plans and then a playdate on Saturday to finish it off! Before I know it, it'll be next Sunday night and I'll be sitting here writing again!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Kids Crack Me Up

Do you ever wish you had kept a notebook of the things your kids say? I do! At one time I had wrote some things down Evan said that were just so darn cute. I thought I would keep that notebook and look back on it someday. Then life gets busy and well... things get pushed aside and it just doesn't happen the way you had planned. If you asked me right now where that notebook was that I had written down a few things he said, I'd have to tell you I have no idea. I'll admit that since that idea crossed through my head the first time, I did it. Then when it has crossed through my head again and again and again, I haven't done it. I think, "Oh I'll remember what they said." Yeah right! Now I kick myself at times when I try to remember what it was they said.

Over the past three months Emmaline's vocabulary has increased immensely, as has her sentences. Sometimes she gets trying to say such a long sentence that I think she gets ahead of herself a little bit. Then I'll ask her what she said, and she'll repeat it even faster the next time. I just laugh because even though I might not understand it, whatever it is that she has said still sounds like it's something really important. I'd have to say that I can decipher her words better than Greg. That's probably because I'm around her more all day than he is.

Today the kids were playing and they made me laugh so hard. I really wished that Greg could of seen them. It was the cutest thing between the two of them. Emmaline was sitting under her little table looking at the Kohl's ad. Evan was sitting in one of the chairs at the table playing with Legos. He bends down to look under the table at Emmaline and here's how the conversation went:

Evan: "Emme, what are you looking at?"
Emmmaline: "Lookey at boys!"
Evan: "You're looking at boys?"
Emmaline: "Yes, me lookey at boys!"

At this point I'm already laughing and Evan's cracking up as well.

Evan: "Emme, you crack me outta my shell!"

Now I'm really laughing hard. First Emmaline is saying "lookey at boys," and then Evan pulls out this line of "you crack me outta my shell." Where does he come up with these lines? Oh it was a great laugh this morning. The topper was when Emmaline walked over to me with the Kohl's ad and shows me the page she was looking at and says, "Mommy, me lookey at boys." The look on her face was one I'll never forget. I'm beginning to think my little princess is going on 13 instead of 3! Yikes! The good news is... at least she wasn't looking at the boys in their underwear in the ad!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Bunco Group

Last night was finally a girls night! It was bunco night for the ladies! You haven't heard me talk about bunco lately and that's because well.... there hasn't been bunco since October. It's been a little sad, and I've missed it, but thankfully we've gotten the ball rolling again and have started it up again. There's been a new bunco group put together with some of the "oldies" and a few new ladies. Some of the gals didn't want to commit to every month anymore and just wanted to be subs, and some just opted out all together. Others decided to stay in the bunco group which is great. I'm going to miss those who aren't in the bunco group anymore. I've moved up from a sub to one of the twelve hostesses. There's a hostess for each month which breaks up the responsibility of hostessing and then there's a sub list in case there's times when one or more of the "12" can't make it. Right now though we've only gotten 10 hostesses and still have two months that we're hoping someone will jump in and take. I personally think it's fun to be a hostess. You get to pick when to have bunco for your month and what the theme will be. Then you provide a little food and drink for the bunco festivities that night and have a lot of fun. It's really nothing to stress over for all you new hostesses that have joined or for those who are thinking about it. The main thing is to just get the girls together and have some fun! So with that said, I'm now the June hostess. I can't wait! Lots of possibilities for hosting in the summer! My friend Liana who lives across the street has joined the group as a hostess. She had never played before last night. I'm glad she joined the bunco group. It's going to be a lot of fun. Also, my friend Carmen who subbed a few times with me in the old group has joined as a hostess so I'm excited about that. Look forward to bunco-ing with them, as well as those from the old group, and getting to know some of the new faces. So ladies if you're reading this and not sure about hostessing, it's really not hard. It's only one time a year and you get to pick when for your month... Dawn, Christina, Jess??? If not, then I'm glad some of you are going to be on the sub list!

We didn't get the new group going in time for January bunco so February bunco got kicked off with my friend Becky (she's the one that cuts my hair). She chose a "sweet" theme for bunco last night. There was a lot of fun had by all and I actually ended up coming home being a winner! Woo hoo! No big bunco table prizes, but three baby bunco prizes and $25! Here's my winnings below.

A bottle of wine and lots of sweets, along with the cash! Greg was happy with the cashew turtles! I'm not a huge fan of some of the candy. Pretty much my favorite is the Reese's pieces, but I'm sure someone will eat the other stuff nonetheless. The wine I can handle. I'll just have to have some of the girls over to enjoy it with since Greg isn't a wine drinker! Thanks Becky for hostessing and kicking off our new bunco group. Can't wait for next months bunco which Liana will be hostessing. It was definitely a much needed girls night out and a big congrats to my friend Susan and her husband Nico. They're expecting a little bundle of joy in July! Wow, another baby in the neighborhood! It seems like every bunco there's a baby announcement! Crazy!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Fun Night At The Science Center

Saturday was family fun night for Evan's school. It was held at Impression 5 Science Center in downtown Lansing. The school holds this family night every year. It's free to families and they serve a free pizza dinner as well. Evan was super excited to go to this family fun night. It's been awhile since we had been to Impression 5, so he couldn't exactly remember which place it was until I started telling him things about it. Then it clicked and he remembered all the fun stuff there was to do there from the last time we went. For those of you not from the area, Impression 5 is a hands on science and technology center. It's a place where kids (and adults) can explore and discover the world in which they live in. It's a great learning environment for children (adults too). Last year Em was a little young to do some of the things there, but this year she definitely jumped right in on the action. Here's some of the fun the kids experienced.

Emmaline giving it a whirl at pitching. She was a little small to have her pitch speed register.
Evan wanted Daddy to pull both of them up on the chair.
So here's Greg using the pulley to raise them up.
Em gave it a whirl by herself, and she sat there while Daddy pulled the chair up.
Em weighing in on the scale.
Both Evan and Em loved going through the heart maze. Evan was so fast though so I didn't get his picture, but here's Em making her way through.
One of the favorite spots was the bubble area. The kids had so much fun you can see in the picture that they got the sleeves a little wet. Here they are getting trapped in bubble.
Before we left Em had to try out the digger because brother did. Evan didn't want anymore pictures so here's Em.

We had a fun evening and a big thanks to MSU CDL for providing this free family night!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 Month To Go

Today officially marks one month to go until my birthday. Which means that I've only got one month left until the big 35 hits. Whoa! I'm not sure how to feel about that. I'm excited for my birthday, I always am. I like the day my birthday is on... St. Patrick's Day! However, turning 35 seems different to me than last year when I turned 34. I guess it's the whole notion of the "5" like turning 25, or 45, or 55. The same as turning 30, 40, or 50, you get the point. So I've got one month left to enjoy being 34. With the birthday right around the corner, this time of year also means it's shamrock shake time! I'm not a huge ice cream fan in the winter, but when McDonald's starts having shamrock shakes at this time of year then I am. I love, love, love shamrock shakes! So yummy! Mint shakes in honor of my birthday, o.k. St. Patty's Day, but still my birthday nonetheless! I've even gotten the kids hooked on them! True story... Evan first learned to drink from a straw with a shamrock shake! I guess he knows what's good! So if you've never indulged in a shamrock shake from McD's, you must try one. I also recommend mixing half chocolate shake and half shamrock shake, yum! Or throwing some mini chocolate chips in if you bring the shake home. Super good! So here's to turning 35 in a month... March 17th, also known as 3/17... which those numbers I have some crazy stories to tell you about some day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine's

As we all know Valentine's Day was just on Sunday. These were my two Valentine's.

Over the weekend Evan & Emmaline made Greg & I some Valentine cards. It was so sweet. Evan helped his sister and they did such a fabulous job that I thought I'd share them with you. I cut out some hearts for them to use and then they did all the rest! Here they are working on the Valentine cards.

This is the card Evan made for Greg.
These are the cards Evan made for me.

This is the card that Emmaline made for Greg & I. She got some help with the writing from her brother. She was having fun with the glue stick and picked out the spots on the card of where to put the hearts.

They did a great job I think. This was all Evan's idea to make the Valentine cards. How thoughtful, huh? Here's one more picture of my silly Valentine's modeling their new sunglasses they got in their Valentine goody bag.

Thanks Evan and Emmaline for the wonderful Valentine cards! Mommy & Daddy love them and will cherish them forever! We love you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Only 24 Hours With One Car

Well, it didn't last long. I knew it wouldn't, but I thought it would be at least a little longer than 24 hours. I told you on Friday we turned in Greg's Mazda that we were leasing. He had the rest of the afternoon off so it was no big deal to figure out the no car situation and him getting home from work. Then on Saturday the kids had been planning to go to Greg's mom's for the day. With no kids in tow for the day Greg decided he wanted to go to Holland to look at cars. He had found a place on the Internet that had a used Subaru Legacy he was interested in. So we made the road trip there and after driving the car he thought he was interested in and driving some others, we both decided although the Legacy was a little cheaper it wasn't what we'd be happy with.

We drove three Subaru Outbacks, a Subaru Legacy, and an Audi A6 Wagon. It ended up being down to one of the Subaru Outbacks and the Audi A6 Wagon. Both were 2002's, around the same price and both had some plus and minuses. The Audi was really nice and fully loaded, however when we drove it there was quite a bit of exhaust coming out. At first we thought it was because it was cold, but then it continued. We both decided that probably wasn't a good sign, and Greg had heard that Audi's from that time don't have the rep that they do now. Plus they're more to fix and more for insurance. So with that being said, we ended up deciding to go with the Subaru Outback. Subaru's have a pretty good reputation, it's AWD, and a good car for what we need it for. So while it's not a fast, cool car like Greg likes, it practical for our needs and should get the job done! So we are now the proud new owners of what I'm calling our Sparty mobile.

It's green and tan. At first Evan didn't like it when he saw a picture because he wanted daddy to get an orange car. That wasn't ever going to happen obviously. However when we got back to town with the car and Evan saw it, he liked it once I told him it was our Sparty mobile and green for Michigan State. Then he rode in it and said he really liked Daddy's car. Emme likes it too. It really is in pretty good shape for an eight year old car. I don't really think it looks like it's that old. So now we can STOP looking for cars. Thank goodness!

Friday, February 12, 2010

End Of The Week

Well here it is Friday, and the end of the work week for most. I wanted to catch you up on a couple things before the weekend is here and gone and it's the start of a new week. Going back a couple days, on Wednesday night we did make it to the free movie put on by LMLM. We saw the Blue Planet at the IMAX. It was really good for a short film about the Earth. Click on the link here to read the description: Blue Planet. Evan really enjoyed it and kept saying how cool it was. Em wasn't so sure about some parts of it. It showed views of the Earth from Outer Space and I think at times she thought she was falling the way the images were on the screen. It was a nice FREE family night out. Evan even took Scooby Doo along since he got to stay an extra night with us. Here they are with popcorn and all ready to watch Blue Planet.

In other in the Hawk Nest neighborhood, my good friend Wesley had her baby yesterday morning. She text me Wednesday night that she had gone into the hospital. Then yesterday morning I heard from her again that Andrew David was born at 6:22am. They're going to call him Drew and he weighed in at 9lbs. 5oz. Em still has him beat, she was 9lbs. 14oz! I went last night to visit Wes and meet Drew. He's so precious and adorable. I love brand new babies. I didn't want to leave, he was so content in my arms! Wes and I had a nice visit with no kids interrupting. All my pregnant friends out there about to have babies this year, enjoy the moments for sure! I miss my babies being so small. They grow up way to fast! Congrats to Wes, Scott, and Chloe on the newest addition to the Reece family! I can't wait to see Drew again! I took a picture with my phone, but I can't send pictures right now for some reason, and I needed a few days break from Verizon before I argue with them again because my phone isn't functioning right so you'll have to believe me that he's a cutie.

Now up to today's happenings. We turned Greg's car in this morning so now we are officially a single car family while we wait to come across that right car to buy. So it's bye bye to the red car and hello to juggling living with one car for awhile!

Now I'm ready to watch the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics tonight! Can't wait! I enjoy watching the Olympics and look forward to the USA bringing home lots of GOLD!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

With all the snow we got on Tuesday, there was no school yesterday so that meant a snow day for Evan. He was kind of bummed no school, but he had gotten to bring Scooby home on Tuesday so that meant he got an extra day with him. After lunch, I bundled the kiddos up and we headed outside so they could play in the snow for a little bit. I pulled the kids around the yard on the sled, we made snowballs, a snow mountain, wrote in the snow, and made snow angels. The kids had a blast, and Emmaline got to make her first snow angel! She was all giggly about it and thought it was silly moving her arms and legs. Here's some of our snow day fun. I posted these on facebook, but for those who aren't on facebook I thought I'd share here too. Enjoy!

Em making her snow angel
I thought she did good for her first time
Evan's making a snow angel
Here's his finished product!
Em got the small rake out and wanted me to use it so we made a heart for Valentine's Day!
Then I wrote both their names in the snow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evan Organizing

I keep forgetting to tell you that Evan's been on an organizing frenzy lately. He wants to organize pretty much everything, but his toys. Go figure. He picks up really well at school and sometimes at home. Lots of time though he doesn't want to pick up toys, but after a few reminders he knows he has to or things get taken away. Well over the past couple weeks he's been organizing different things. From his stuffed animals and book basket in his room to the shoes in the laundry room and the coats on the coat rack. One night he organized all the play food and Em's kitchen so it was all nice and tidy. On Sunday while we were watching the Super Bowl he said he wanted to go organize his sock drawer. He did, and by the time the Super Bowl was over we had kind of forgotten that he did it. Then Monday morning when I went to get him some socks out for school I opened his drawer to find this...

I was totally surprised. I didn't think he was going to really organize it that much. He rearranged things from the way I had them and refolded everything. I was quite impressed. He didn't do to bad for a five year old. Then out of curiosity I thought I'd check the other drawers. Sure enough he had done those too. Here's what I found.

The short drawer
and the pajama drawer!

I had to show Greg that night after my discoveries. Needless to say we were both impressed and Evan asked us if we were proud of him for doing it all by himself... of course we were!

Let's Try This Again

Here I am readers. I had blogged late Monday night, and I'm not sure what happened but apparently my post didn't save. So when I checked the blog yesterday it wasn't there and it wasn't in my drafts. So anyhow, I had let you know about our weekend happenings, but now that it's Wednesday I feel like it's really old news so I'll give you the quick modified version. Saturday we drove around looking for cars again. No luck finding anything. Sunday I finally made it to the grocery store. $100+ later I know why I hadn't been in so long. Then I spent the afternoon fighting with Verizon. My phone wasn't charging and they said it was the piece in the phone so I had to pay $50 for a new one. The gal comes back from looking in their stock and they don't have my same phone. To make a really long story short I was treated very poorly in their store and the manager was very degrading to me as a woman. He told me if I wanted a phone that day to drive to Petoskey because they had one. Not a good answer to give me. I was livid. Otherwise they could Fed Ex me one and I'd have it Tuesday. Well yesterday came and by 4:30pm I still didn't have it and called Verizon again (I had already talked to them in the morning to complain about how I was treated in the store and she assured me I'd have my phone yesterday). Well this time when I talked to them the guy told me it was scheduled for delivery Wed. Are you kidding me. Let's just say I was even more livid with them. Not a good answer. I was blatantly lied to by the store and the manager I spoke with in the morning because the guy said well if it was ordered on Sunday, Fed Ex doesn't ship on Sunday so it would go out Monday and have a delivery for two-day by Wednesday. I guess they should of over-nighted it then. If my phone does not come today I'm going to be furious!

Sunday night we watched the Superbowl. Good game, but didn't think the commercials or half time show were all that great this year. I was glad the Saints won. I'm not a huge fan of either the Saints or Colts, but was nice to see the Saints win being it was their first time in the Super Bowl.

Monday evening we did more car shopping. Looking for a used car since Greg's lease is up this Friday and trying to find something. I think I've had my fill of cars and car dealers. I'm sick of spending so much time looking for a car. I guess that's because when I got my car I emailed the gal and told her what I wanted and what the max was I wanted to spend. She searched for a car for me and I went and picked it up. I didn't even test drive it. She assured me I'd be happy and I pretty much knew I would because I had a Mariner and wanted a Mountaineer (just something a little bigger). Sure enough she was right. I love my car! Very little time spent searching for a car and I didn't have to go from car place to car place.

Yesterday we got hit with snow and school was closed for today at 9:30pm last night. We had our friend Brenda and her daughter over for dinner last night. I made my chicken enchiladas. It was nice to visit and I finally found someone to drink bloody mary's with me! When I told Evan last night school was closed, he informed me that it should be pajama day today. Sounds good for most of the day. However tonight we have family night out with Lansing Mom's Like Me at the movies so I guess we have to get dressed sometime. We only had about 6 inches last night, but overnight we got probably about 6 more so that meant getting the snow blower out again. Greg did the driveway so he could get out to work and I finished the rest. He offered to do when he got home from work, but since we have the movie night and if we're to get more snow I didn't want it to be worse. And as I type it's snowing again! So that's pretty much the happenings of the last couple days. Nothing too exciting. I just really want my phone today!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spartan Fans Have Been Heard

My day started off with some really great news from my husband! He sent me a text that said, "check your email." So I did, and I find the news that MSU has decided to not change their Spartan logo! You might think I'm a little crazy, but this to me and many Spartan fans is great great news! A few weeks ago it slipped out that MSU was going to be changing their Spartan logo come April. What? When the new logo was revealed the fans, alumni, students, etc. went absolutely crazy. I've never seen so many supporters for a university come together and stick up for what they believed... that the old logo was so much better. No way were many of us going to support the decision to change the logo to something so hideous, let alone buy anything with the new logo on there. There were groups made on facebook "Stop the new Michigan State logo" which gained 4000 members in two days and grew from there to almost 9000! Then there was the group "We will not buy Michigan State merchandise with a new logo" which gained great support. There was even posts on these pages of people who were Notre Dame fans who said they thought Michigan State had a great logo and shouldn't be changing it. Wow, support from Notre Dame fans. Crazy! The most we got from some Michigan fans was a laugh in our face. The old saying goes, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" Seriously, there was nothing wrong with the old logo! Don't mess with a good thing. It's a really great logo. So with that said here's the old and the new logos.

The old one is on the left and the new one on the right. The problem with the new one... well, it's ugly, it looks like a high school mascot, and it's got a Jay Leno chin to name a few. Are you kidding me? What are they thinking. The they being Nike who designed this and Mark Hollis (MSU athletic director) and some others who approved it. Granted there were some MSU fans who didn't think it was all that bad, but majority vote was a no go for the new logo! So finally after a few weeks of MSU fans, alumni, etc. voicing their opinion... the unthinkable happened. Mark Hollis made a statement this morning saying the new logo was no more and the old logo was here to stay! What great news this is to Spartan fans! I never ever thought they'd change their mind and walk away from the new logo, but with that said, never say never. I'm so glad that Spartan fans have been heard... and they LISTENED to what we all said! Thank you MSU! You made the right choice! Victory for MSU!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Avoiding The Grocery Store

My poor little guy has caught a cold and it's not getting any better. I feel so bad for him. All he does is cough and cough and cough. Today's been his worse so I decided today to keep him home from school. Apparently there's other sick kids at school, and I figured that wasn't going to help the situation. Plus I didn't want him to get someone else sick. He actually begged me to let him go to school. I'll have to show him this post in about five years when he doesn't want to go to school. I made him lay low and rest this afternoon. He watched one of his favorite movies, Bolt, while Em napped this afternoon. It was a nice peaceful afternoon. No school tomorrow so hopefully by Monday he'll be feeling better. He hasn't been sleeping good at night and then ends up sleeping late in the morning. Here's hoping he gets over this soon and the rest of us don't get it... although I'm feeling a sore throat coming on... ugh!

Here it is Friday tomorrow and I've avoided the grocery store all week, or all year you could say. I really haven't been to the store all that much in these five weeks of the new year. If you remember last weekend it was too cold. This week, the couple times I had the chance I didn't feel like hauling the two kids in and spending an hour in the store. Plus with Ev not feeling great I figured that wouldn't be much fun for either of us in the store for so long. Before that, I've only been in a couple times for a few things here and there. Quick trips... in and out. We needed milk today and I was planning to get on the way home from getting Evan from school, but since he ended up staying home I didn't want to run out just for that. So I had Greg stop on his way home. Ha! As far as real grocery shopping (the hour long kind) I haven't really done this year. It's looking like that's going to have to come to an end though because we are about down to the bare minimum. We haven't really had anything for lunches and have been eating PBJ (which is good especially with my strawberry jam) and Ramen's. Yes, that's right. We all love us some Ramen noodles from time to time. We are also down to like three or four cans of pop which could be a crisis if I don't get to the store. You know me and my pop. LOL. So it looks like tomorrow night or Saturday is grocery shopping day. That means I need to make a grocery list and cut coupon, and get the pop cans together. On second hand, maybe we can do without the pop!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Proud Of My Guys

Happy February everyone! Can you believe it? Seems like I was just saying Happy New Year. Where the heck did January go. I can only imagine that February will go even faster since it's a short month anyway. Well I didn't get to blog last night because I was watching the Grammy's and was so blown away by some of the performances that I really got into it, more than I normally do. Wow, Pink and The Black Eyed Peas really had great performances. As my friend Jess said, "they never disappoint!" Then there was the 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson which I thought was great. My heart about broke when his two kids came out on stage. They were so mature and have grown to be very beautiful children.

My weekend ended pretty non-eventful like Saturday was. It's nice to have some low key weekends though and be able to do nothing. I did get out yesterday only because we went to dinner with Greg's mom. Still didn't run my errands. Oh well, that's on the to do list for this week. So after freezing all day Saturday because it was soooo cold, it looks like a heat wave is on the way this week.... high 20's to low 30's for the week which is a heat wave for Michigan in February!

While Em napped yesterday I stayed home and Evan and Greg went to a bike expo at MSU. Evan was so excited to get to ride his bike there. I wasn't too interested in going and figured the boys could have their own fun. I wasn't expecting the video that Greg text to me while he was there. They had a dirt riding area set up and Evan went at it with no fear once again. He was having the time of his life. Here's my little guy riding around at the expo.

I'm so proud of him. He did awesome riding around there all by himself! A proud momma once again!

I'm also very proud of Greg. He's not one to talk about it, but I think he deserves some recognition. I think it's a great honor for him. A photo he took a couple weeks ago (that late night he was working) was discovered in the New York Times today. Of all the photos out there for a story on Haiti that the New York Times did, his got chosen. I don't really know how all this works, but apparently the Associated Press at times asks for pictures from MSU. Then they had put that photo on their news wire and NY Times ran across it and decided to use it. Great job honey, I've always said you do nice work! Your mom's right, your dad would be proud!

Here's a link to his photo: Greg's photo in the NY Times

I'm so very proud of my two guys. I'm a lucky mom and wife to have such wonderful son and husband, as well as a terrific daughter!

On a side note: I was beginning to wonder if anyone's been reading lately. I hadn't gotten any comments on my bathroom until Ann did today. I was thinking maybe nobody liked my hard work. Thanks Ann! I am really enjoying the newly painted bathroom and the color! Oh and you must try the soup. I highly recommend it. I think we're making it again soon!