Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crescent Roll-Ups

Once in awhile I get emails from Pillsbury, Kraft, or Jif that have recipes. Sometimes I look at them, sometimes I don't. Last month I got an email from Pillsbury and it was titled "30 minutes or less dinners." The title caught my eye because these days with two busy bees keeping me busy, I'm all about the fast, easy dinners! This email is also where I got the Meatball Pops recipe from, and there was also another one that popped out at me to try.

Who loves a good hot ham and cheese sandwich? Well I do, and if you're like me then you're going to love this recipe I came across. I really don't know that it qualifies as a recipe, because it's simply throwing three things together. It's not a recipe to me in the way of, I'd write the ingredients down on a recipe card and put in my recipe box. However, I'm calling it a recipe because it came from the Pillsbury recipe box. It really is something quite simple that I can't believe I haven't tried before. Instead of throwing some ham and cheese on bread and grilling it in a pan, you put the ingredients in a crescent roll and roll it up and put it in the oven! Easy, Fast, and Delicious! We've made the ham and cheese roll-ups a few times, but tonight we tried making it with turkey instead of ham! Just as good, and a great way to switch it up once in awhile! Here's a picture of the ham and cheese roll-ups taken from the Pillsbury site. I did take a picture of my turkey and cheese roll-ups tonight, but once again my picture didn't do the food justice!


1can (8 oz) Pillsbury® refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
8thin slices cooked ham (8 oz)
4thin slices Cheddar cheese (4 oz), each cut into 4 strips

(I just use ham or turkey from the deli, and I take cheese slices and break them in half and use one half on a crescent roll.)

  1. Heat oven to 350°F. Separate dough into 8 triangles. Place 1 piece of ham on each triangle; place 2 strips of cheese down center of ham. Fold in edges of ham to match shape of dough triangle.
  2. Roll up each crescent, ending at tip of triangle. Place with tips down on ungreased cookie sheet.
  3. Bake 15 to 19 minutes or until golden brown. Immediately remove from cookie sheet. Serve warm.
I'm not sure what to really label this under, but since it's simple and easy I'm going to label it an appetizer because it's not really a ham or turkey DISH.

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